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Our Story

How do we sous vide a roast beef without a sous vide machine?


That’s where the {kneadtoeat} story begins.


Flashback to 2011 –– returning to Singapore after years of travelling, we found ourselves with a void in our stomachs. Where to find a killer Cubano? A tender Chicken Avo? Or even a comforting, homely Tuna Melt?


Hard pressed to find a decent sandwich without canned and processed fillings, we decided to do it ourselves: plump, juicy, fresh sandwiches, all prepared in-house. 


But here was the catch: how to deliver the best, yet remain humble and affordable? Sous vide machines alone cost a bomb, not to mention fresh high-quality ingredients.


So began our very first recipe in 2013: a reprogrammed rice cooker, a couple thermometers and timers, and a bellyful of inventiveness. 


Now here we are, almost a decade on, churning out well-loved gourmet sandwiches on the daily. All made-to-order, alongside hearty grain bowls, homemade soups, and great coffee.


Today, {kneadtoeat} embodies exactly what our name suggests –– our fundamental need for nutrition, coupled with the loving act of kneading and feeding: direct from human hands to the plate.


All natural. Daily-made. Offensively tasty.

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